Habit Changes

A list of all suggested small habit changes, don’t do them all at once or you’ll go nuts. Choose the ones that you can adapt most easily into your current lifestyle. The best time to make the change is now!

MOWING DOWN EMISSIONS – Trade in the petrol mower for push mower.

RESTORING FAITH – Find your local Farmer’s Market and go there once every month.

VIOLENT TENDENCIES – Buy no-spray bananas and sugar.

GENETIC ENGINEERING PART 1 – Avoid GE foods by downloading the ‘truefood guide‘.

EGGS AIN’T EGGS – Buy organic eggs, preferably from a farmer you know (your local farmer’s market is a good start).

WHO TO TRUST? – Buy plain salted chips instead of MSG-filled ones.

CHANGE A STRANGER’S LIFE – Help a poor person out of poverty with KIVA.

A COMPLETE WASTE – Turn old fruit and veggies into smoothies and soups.

THE POWER OF ONE’S MONEY – be conscious of the signal your money is sending everytime you shop. Try thinking about it when you’re travelling to work instead of at the shop shelves.

BACK TO BREAD– Seek out stone ground millers and bakers, choose proper bread.

WASTED WASTE-SAVING EFFORTS– Find a bulk food store to start avoiding waste. It means soaking beans etc overnight, but what where you doing at 4am anyway. It’s cheaper and you can store more, therefore spending less time and energy shopping.

DOES THAT COKE HAVE CORN IN IT? – watch Food Inc. That’s not really a habit but it’s the path to many other roads of knowledge about your food. If you’re interested wink wink then send me an email and wink wink I might know how you can get the movie wink wink.

PAY THE GROCER– Read more about the food you eat, make sure you know where it comes from. Try for once a week, learning about something new each time. Become an informed consumer.

FOUR YEARS OF ‘FREAK’ – Reading labels takes time, don’t do it all at once or you’ll go mouldy quicker than bread without that acidity regulator. Limit your research to a couple of items every shop, or next time you cook a meal just quickly check out the label on a few items. If they don’t fit the two criteria above, change them – start taking the happy food choice for yourself!


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