The blog is about what I’m trying to do to make myself a better person, and in turn the world a better place.

The main reason I started it was the ridiculousness I was reading about that occurs in the food industry, and thought if I’m needing to write this stuff down to make it clearer, perhaps my framily (FRiends and fAMILY) can benefit from it too. Everyone should make an effort to better understand what their food really is, and where it’s coming from – particularly those of us who have a loved one that eats food.

Big business has control of virtually the entire industry, and they’re changing what we eat to suit their profits. Despite what they might say, they are concerned not with your health, but that of their shareholder’s pockets. Governments are powerless or desireless to change it, so if you want a healthy life for you and your children, YOU must make the changes.

I then thought to tie it into sustainability information to help the same framily with becoming greener. Another subject I practice out of habit, and believe everyone should take whatever steps they are capable of.

As with the food industry, big energy business is so concerned about money that they choose to ignore doing anything to halt climate change. Governments have a hard time trying to engage each other and do anything effective. So, again, whatever change you want to happen, you will have to start yourself. I plan on posting some information about the habits we can all change to help our home.

Occassionally, I imagine, I’ll post something about humanity and how we can help each other. Or a rant about the stupid things governments and big business do.

We seem to be doing strange things to each other. Especially  not really caring about the little people, but also our actions and attitudes in our daily lives towards those different to us. That’s the issue we can change right now, today. It would seem that we as a race have come a long way in the last century, but it also seems that there’s a long way to go.

If we can all help each other out in these three areas – food, environment and humanity – by sharing ideas and experiences, then we can help each other change for the better. ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’.